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slijpsteen silicon carbide steel making

Process for producing silicon carbide platelets and the

A process for producing silicon carbide platelets and the platelets so produced. The process comprises reacting particles of a non-graphitizable form of

Silicon carbide whisker reinforced cutting tool material -

homogeneously dispersed whiskers of silicon carbide. JPS5930778A 1984-02-18 JPS605079A 1985-01-Purpose and Use in Steel, The Iron Age, v

Spiral flute tap - Kennametal Inc.

JPS54105381A 1979-08-18 Other References: Oberg silicon and the transition metals from Groups made from cemented tungsten carbide tool materials

composites of alumina and boron nitride - Union Carbide

JPS4530102Y1 1970-11-18 Other References: R. The Al2 O3 was from Union Carbide Corporation,using molten iron, nickel, and stainless steel

Heat treated chemically vapor deposited products and

JPS62290871A 1987-12-17 JPS6184375A 1986-04steels, stainless steels and high speed steels, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, and

Dense, self-sintered silicon carbide/carbon-graphite

2006619-A dense, self-sintered silicon carbide/carbon-graphite composite material and a process for producing the composite material is disclosed. T

Methods of fabricating silicon carbide devices incorporating

Edge termination for silicon carbide devices has a plurality of concentric floating guard rings in a silicon carbide layer that are adjacent and spaced

high hardness alumina-zirconia-silicon carbide sintered

An alumina-zirconia-silicon carbide sintered ceramic composite having high strength and high hardness is composed of 5 to 50 volume percent of partially

Method of cutting using silicon carbide whisker reinforced

JPS59137366A 1984-08-07 JPS4963969A 1974-06percent silicon carbide whiskers distributed therethe conventional steel and carbide cutting tools

a thin film transistor having a silicon carbide buffer

JPS63107067A 1988-05-12 JPH06189672A 1994- a method of making a thin film transistor silicon carbide (SiC) in a thickness of 300

Carbon fiber reinforced silicon nitride based nanocomposite

and fine silicon carbide powders, with a Compositions and methods for making ceramic matrix JPS62119175A 1987-05-30 JPS6235996A 1987-02

Titanium diboride/boron carbide composites with high hardness

JPS60235764A 1985-11-22 JPS4832107A 1973-04carbide grains, having an average grain size of silicon carbide and silicon nitride powder from

Silicon carbide fibers essentially devoid of whiskers and

Silicon carbide fibers are produced by mixing discontinuous isotropic carbon fibers with a silica source and exposing the mixture to a temperature of from

Laser clad pot roll sleeves and bushings for galvanizing

steel and particles of tungsten carbide 1976-11- JPS59123631A 1984-07-17 JPH06330220A 1994-(Al) and/or Titanium (Ti), Silicon (Si),

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Silicon nitride/silicon carbide composite powders - The Dow

Prepare silicon nitride-silicon carbide composite powders by carbothermal reduction of crystalline silica powder, carbon powder and, optionally, crystalline

Fiber reinforced silicon carbide ceramics and method of

It relates to fiber reinforced silicon carbide ceramics in which heat-resistant inorganic short fibers such as flawless SiC or Sisub3/sub Nsub4

Slider composed of a high-density silicon carbide sintered

silicon carbide sintered compact the relative making such a substrate 1983-01-25 Matsushita et JPS598668A 1984-01-17 JPS5874579A 1983-05-

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